We offer a wide range of online marketing services that will put you on top of the game of Google and Facebook Campaigns

Facebook ads

Social Media Atlas Media Lab

- research of targeted audience

- optimised costs for any ads

- Facebook pixel integration

- customised campaigns

- monthly reports

instagram ads

Instagram Ads Atlas Media Lab

- your newest ad tool to reach other followers

- customised ad campaigns

- local based ads

- monthly reports

google ads

Google Ads Atlas Media Lab

- professional campaign management

- google analytics integration

- Track your traffic

- maximise conversion rates

- monthly reports



- battle-tested seo methods that will deliver clear results

- local SEO to raise your presence in targeted areas

- digital pr & link building

- growth mindset adapted to your priorities

Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

As new styles of online marketing are on the raise companies are taking one step further by relying on influencers more and more every time to be ahead of the competitors.

In Atlas Media Lab we have always believed in the power of Influencer Marketing since the very beginning so the management of both sides.

With so many candidates out there it might seem a little bit difficult to spot the right match for yourself!

Are you a brand/company looking for the perfect promoters of your style but don’t know where to start?

Atlas Media Lab proudly takes charge of the complete process by:

  • Identifying potential influencers that match your criteria, budget and objetives.

  • Influencer reach out with a proposal, taking care of the negotiation process

  • Complete Agreement set up

  • Influencer Follow Up and Logistics covered

  • Influencer Statistics Tools Insights

Are you an influencer and need some assistance with your e-mails, workload and negotiation process?

Atlas Media lab proudly help you with brands:

  • We assist you with brand research that matches your niche.

  • We assist you with agreement set up, e-mail workload and negotiations.

  • Complete on-board process with us and 24/7 assistance


All niches are welcome but our speciality are:

  • Fashion Niche

  • Ecommerce and Design Niche

  • Hospitality

  • Tourism board



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